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Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship

Among the largest of networks of Christian businessmen in the world.


From every part of the world - over 160 nations.


Every race, color, culture and almost every language - we include:

Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, former Presidents, Senators, Members of Parliament, Generals, Judges, Captains of Industry, businessmen, executives professionals, sales and office workers, factory workers, educators and young people just getting started.

Our Vision Statement


Our vision for the fellowship is based upon a series of prophetic messages given over a period of time and confirmed by a literal vision from God.


In the vision, untold masses of men from every continent and nation, of all races and diverse culture and costume, once spiritually dead, are now alive. Delivered and set free, they are filled with power of God's Holy Spirit, faces radiant with glory, hands raised and voice lifting their praises to heaven.


We see a vast global movement of laymen being used mightily by God to bring in this last great harvest through the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our mission is:


"Fellowship And Destiny With God And Man"

We commit ourselves to:

Personal and Business, Excellence - Honesty - Integrity

To our Lord, our families, and our Fellowship brothers we pledge:

Transparency - Accountability - Faithfulness. These are our core values.

We are relevant to today's World, to a new wave of people looking for values in today's World.


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Who are we?


We are the largest network of Christian businessmen in the world. Men willing to commit themselves to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We are not a church, nor are we sponsored by any church. Our members come from all walks of life and from various denominational backgrounds. FGBMFI started with one small chapter in Los Angeles, California in 1951. The Fellowship grew quickly into a worldwide organization and is now present in over 160 nations on all five continents.




Our Mission Statement


Reaching people at all levels of our society, calling them to God and encouraging them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


To provide a basis for Christian fellowship among men everywhere under the single banner of their experiences in Jesus Christ and to strengthen them so that they can go back to their respective churches refreshed and renewed.


To bring about a greater measure of unity among all Christians.




Our Leader is Jesus Christ.


Our Guide is the Holy Spirit.


Our task is to fulfill the VISION God has given us.




We are so excited that you have an interest in joining our team!

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